The light. The dark. All of you.

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We all have a light side comprised of our beauty, our strengths. And there’s the stuff we hide–our humanity, if you will. We are practiced at hiding our dark side, living only half ourselves, and wondering why we feel slightly numb. This is a loss of power. It can eat away at us if we don’t recognize it.

Restoring Power brings the light and dark sides onto equal ground. So that we live in wholeness, we engage authentically and powerfully. …So that we bring to life ALL OF YOU.

Stagnation is hell, isn’t it?

Real power isn’t forced. How much of your life are you forcing? Pushing against it, hating the effort, numbing out. Are you getting as far as you’d like in the direction you are pushing?

You can begin to have access to authentic relationships when you see the darkness you have been hiding. If you really want to restore power ask yourself, “What am I not telling the truth about?” Sometimes we don’t even know what that is. But we feel where the power is out by the discomfort, stagnation and longing for it to be another way.

Growth is Freedom

We come out of the womb authentically. We move toward the light.
Seedlings actually reach into darkness. And then they grow from it.
Authenticity and vitality grow out of the darkness, into the light giving us freedom, power.
It’s natural to come from the dark, and to want to live in the light.

When you’re up against yourself and you want to break through, you can plug into your power and find all kinds of access to choices you didn’t know existed. Growth is good. Freedom isn’t just light, it’s awareness of what’s been in the dark.

Love Heals

This work is deep, intense, powerful. You are hungry to wake up, restore an energy you once knew you had, or to create something entirely new for yourself. You want to live your potential and, because of who your are being in the world, allow it for others.


“The experience was cathartic. During some one-on-one time with Regina early on, which she gives to all as needed, she got right to the source of my power drain – not my clients, rather, the relationship with my aging parents who now live with me full time and who I resented. I felt trapped and to make matters worse guilty for feeling as I did because taking care of one’s parents is what nice Latin women do. While painful to confront, this shifted my energy and work entirely and I had a tremendous breakthrough in the relationship my mom and dad – where I once held anger and resentment, I now honestly hold freedom, ease, compassion and love.”
~Anonymous participant of Restoring Power Organic Retreat


“My best friend and I didn’t have a problem. We’ve gone strong for 15 years. But something kept getting in the way of our conversations, something really tiny, like, she’ll think I’m stupid if I say that, or, I don’t want to piss her off, she’s like my big sister, so I’m going to defer to her…even though I’m older…there was just this little thing neither of us was going to put her finger on.

After my session with you, I kept thinking about this day back in college. Something she said then made me feel put in my place…and I never told her about it. It just was what it was. But after our session, I told her this memory. She had no idea it had happened, and I had no idea how much it affected our dynamic. For 15 years, I walked around like she was more important than me and she wondered why I was so sensitive.

I told her what I was thinking. It was like our heads blossomed (and our hearts). Neither of us knew how much of our history was packed up in that one misunderstanding. We talked about it, how each of us misperceived. And ten minutes later we were deeper in relationship than we had been the whole 15 years before. Funny to think, all those years, that one incomplete conversation had power over us and we didn’t even know it.”
~Anonymous Client



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